My first step to coding

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I’ve been writing simple programs for quite some time now, worked on quite a few projects, but never have i really worked on something that will change the way the world would function. I have finally taken my first step to at least attempt to do the same. I will be working with a group of 3 other highly talented programmer friends of mine to try and design an application that would help the government/society/ neighborhood handle the mess of diseases spreading.

Lets take a sample scenario, I live in a small silent locality with a population of around 400 people. The place I live in is on the outskirts of the city, there is say a water problem where in the leak in a pipe is causing contamination of drinking water that is supplied to the houses nearby. After a few people consumed this water they fell sick, say they got Typhoid, how do I let the people know something might be wrong in the area real quick and also be clear? To solve this, we are planning to make an application where when a person falls sick he updates the application about his status and the application automatically records his location. If more and more people fall ill in the same area, that definitely means there is something wrong in the supplies. Once the number of people ill with a certain disease crosses a threshold limit, the maps application on their phone would show them a red colored danger sign that would give them statistics about the name of the diseases the number of people ill and so forth. This information would help the government as well as the people of the local neighborhood to take measures to control the spread of the illness and also keep themselves safe.

The github page for the project:

I welcome your suggestions and critique in this matter, please be constructive 🙂


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