Microsoft : The start of my career

On the 26th of January, 2011 I was put to my first ever litmus test, the time had come for me to prove or disprove the things believed about me. Little did i expect out of the trip i made to Ettimadai where preliminary written rounds for Microsoft internship were to be held. 25th night with hardly any hope I set forth towards the destination Reached pretty early next morning and hardly even had rest before I had to rush to the test room where we would be writing out aptitude papers. Was done with the test in roughly around 30 minutes and also saw a classmate follow suit. Was pretty happy that I had some company, had absolutely no hope of a good outcome after the way I had attempted the questions, but whatever happened after that was a fairy tale to say the least.

The results of the 30 people who cleared the interview was put out late the same day, around 7:00 pm. My heart probably did a round trip to the moon when I heard I had made through to the next round with 4 other people from my campus. It was time to chill out and start preparing for the next day’s interviews, but who was I trying to kid, i din’t prepare one bit. Had a good talk with my room mate for the evening and retired at around 11:00 pm that night. The next day was going to be a huge test for me, little did I know what was in store for me.

I was so unprepared for the interviews, I had not packed formals to wear for them. Borrowed shoes, pant and a belt (which i lost and had to pay the friend i borrowed from) from everyone around and got dressed up, at least just enough. Anyway got the clothes settled and managed a shoe and ran to the placement center. Ettimadai is such a hot place!!!! Not nice when you are wearing formals.

Had a written round which I was pretty confident I would clear, and so it happened, next we had to wait till our interviewers got ready to grill us. Had 2 rounds of technical interviews and one HR interview and then had to wait with 3 other future colleagues as it stands now for the result. Finally we were all called to one of those huge meeting rooms and when they announced all of us were selected for internships my joy new no bounds. I called up every family member and told them the news and frankly they were surprised that I achieved this. Anyway the road ahead from there was smooth with no speed breakers to screw with my rhythm.


Life is awesome 🙂


2 thoughts on “Microsoft : The start of my career

  1. Few spelling mistakes here and there.. 😛 But nice post.. 🙂 Ur one lucky ass.. But u got what u deserved with ur love for coding and all.. 🙂

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