BattleField Version Negative 3.0

Inspiration has been something that fueled the biggest companies to develop from almost nothingness, people on streets one day and the CEO of the biggest companies that the earth has seen. What was it that made such transformations possible? Ideas and the passion to execute them in the best capability of theirs. Well I think I have found my inspiration today, sadly I know that this is not the next big thing, actually its the next big thing that people are going to laugh at. In my college for this semester we have a lab course called Computer Graphics and our instructor has given us a project requirement to complete the course. Well thankfully she was ready to let us make anything we wanted in any language and platform we wanted in. I was trying to think of an idea that is simple but would definitely make a few people notice it. So I started watching TV to get my inspiration, surely I did find my source finally. Today the 8th of September has been my day of enlightenment.

So lazy Thursday afternoon, mom at home and we decided we’d watch a Tamil movie, from a young age I’ve been fascinated by the movies that play stories of God’s, the battle between the good and the evil. What interested me most in these movies was the colorful weapons they used to battle it out. So today I sat down and started watching “Sri Kanchi Kamtchi” on KTv and began to enjoy the movie, the good jokes here and there and all the ways in which cinematography had to improvise to make animations look good in those days. After about 1 hour and 15 minutes into the movie, we had the first battle scene. A evil king gets a boon from Lord Brahma that he be killed by a living being that is not born by the union of a male and female, as usual our Lord Brahma gives the boon and smiles away to glory. Immediately this evil king starts destroying the planet and Brahma goes to lord Shiva again as usual for help and finally they synthetically develop the goddess who slays the demon king. The manner in which the demon king was slayed intrigued me and the colorful arrows clashing during battle sparked a thought in my head, the thought that i’d be implementing as my Graphics project submission.

A game made in 2D most probably using TURBO C++, well not important for now, a 2 player game. Game played over the network, each player gets to pick a god and weapons of choice.  Depending on the time of the day the game is played, each god gains or loses abilities. This is purely a bow and arrow game, each player will have a wide choice of arrows out of which he chooses 10 arrows. for each battle Every arrow type has another arrow type that it will always dominate and one type by which it will always be dominated. At every iteration each player chooses an arrow and fires. The type of arrow remains a mystery till they meet in the air and start spraying stuff or incinerating everything in its path. Over time each god gains skill such as speed, vitality and courage that will help make future fights intense. Also an exclusive GOD Shop where each god can be equipped with artillery and war toys. If you get bored with the god/characters that i’ll be putting in the game you can also add new characters by editing simple text files.

Well the idea is simple, so will the game but I am pretty sure whether the game play is awesome or not the time i spend on making this game is going to be the best coding sprint I will ever have. Anyone who wants to add features to this is welcome, I have made a Google form, please update it when ever you get an idea. I am still looking for a project partner, so anyone from my class interested let me know! Can’t wait to start coding.



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