Face the book!

For some 24 year old this is his billion dollar business, for everyone else this is their favorite place to meet new people and keep in touch with friends. Yeah I am talking about Facebook, the place where

We love to say, Gosh i’ve an exam tomorrow and haven’t studied and wait for likes on the comment but won’t use the time in hand to study.

We love to sit and comment on statuses from people we don’t know, just to make a connection or while away time.

Every girl gets 20 likes for a post that is absolutely stupid, and a guy’s biggest achievements gets a like or two.

An update that has something against the college you study in or the place you work in gets more hits than updates about national happenings.

Having said the above, the place where we try to show our patriotism by posting absolute bull shit, just to make a story scandalous.

We take cheap shots at people we hate, cause we don’t have the guts to say something face to face, at times its to avoid a psycho on the other side too!

We try to make a friendship flourish when we think its dying out.

We try to make the smallest little thing in our life sound big, and vice versa.

First up i’d like to agree that I also do most of the above mentioned, and i’m pretty sure its the same with every Facebook user on this planet. Well all this sounds like super fun and cool, doesn’t it ? Like everything on this beautiful world has more than just one pretty FACE, so does our killer social engine. There have been quite a few incidents where you’ve had unwanted people getting to know about you, just because you were stupid enough to unsuspectingly click on ” Yes, add as friend ” some time back. Many a times some comment that was made in a light mood hurt you and you thought about it over and over again even though there was nothing to worry about.

Lets look at a few things that have gone wrong and a few things that could go wrong. We all have around 300 friends atleast, how many do we actually know really well? How many do we actually still meet? Not many right, so what is the probability that something has happened in their lives but you don’t know about it? More specifically, what is the probability that whatever change has occurred has a link to your life in not more than 3 people in between connecting you to the change? Trust me its pretty high.I could propose a law here that states,

The 6 degrees of seperation is a rough estimate that is 2 times more than the average value predicted by facebook!

Well not exactly, but almost every person on facebook has just 2 friends in between, try out and let me know if you find this wrong! I haven’t done too much of testing on this but found so many of my friends from school friends with people I met randomly in some other city.

I had this friend of mine, she had friends over at her place and she was just showing one of them pictures of her with a best friend and their party last evening. So all pics are fabulous and suddenly, the expression on her friends face changed . Any guesses? Her best friends current boyfriend is this persons ex boyfriend. Ok how awkward would that be? I can only imagine, anyway so what exactly did Facebook do here? Lighten our mood, or spoil it for the worse?

Family, something that is nice up to a limit, an overdose could be fatal. We love to spend time with our family like literally, but online? Really? I don’t think so! Family members have to be nosy and find out something wrong in what we are doing, well it is their pastime and probably their way of getting even with some family member, lol! Few of us are lucky that way, with cool aunts and uncles who couldn’t care less about the shenanigans we pull online cause they know we are kids and we are bound to screw up within limits.

How many of us are eagerly waiting for the next election results or the new changes in the government? I know many of us are, but the number of people who are following the changes mentioned at f8 are at least 3 fold! Well my point is Facebook has become a intangible part of our loves that cannot be forgotten. All said and done Facebook has provided an amazing platform  for showing off what u=you have achieved and also in promoting your latest ventures. The promotion bit has not worked too well in my case though, I have a project that needs votes and of the 300+ friends i got only 49 cared to vote or I shall just assume they were so lame that they din’t know that clicking on the vote button would cast a vote.


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