First Flight: Part 3

Beautiful city with beautiful people, yes very beautiful people is how anyone can describe Barcelona. A city that runs on football and skateboarding along with cheese and lots more cheese! It was the end of the little successful stay at Barcelona. 4 of us were making our way to the airport and we all were so sad to leave the place! We wished we could stay back longer and enjoy the awesome atmosphere that prevailed. We entered the airport and it was absolutely beautiful early in the morning. Got my bags checked in and then decided to do the shopping that I should have done long back, this was going to be funny. That information can wait for another post, this one has info info about the hilarious flight back to Bangalore, India.

I was scared that carrying an extra bag full of merchandise and chocolates would get checked out during boarding but luckily nothing like that happened. I pushed in my baggage under the seat, yes I was scared someone would take away my chocolates, ok which one of you doesn’t want to get your hands on a bag full of chocolates? Moving on, i hid my bag pretty well and then dozed off till Paris, the flight was a local flight kind of, so nothing extraordinary just slept. Landed in at Paris about 45 minutes late and my connecting flight to Bangalore was about to leave in 30 minutes. I grabbed my baggage and dashed to Terminal C from Terminal A or something. Well, its like running across a city, the airport is so huuuuge! Final got into security check, had only 10 minutes to go before they closed boarding. There were a bunch of Indians ahead of me, asked them if I could cut line, all of them agreed except for one goofy middle aged Mumbai bound retard. Managed to enter the flight minutes before they closed and little did I think this flight back home would be the most troublesome ever!

To start things of in a very nice way, thanks to the delay in the flight from Barcelona, I missed my upgrade to business class and also my choice of food. Fifty minutes into the flight, the air hostess starts serving food and she never seemed to bother giving me anything, after about 1 hour of me waiting patiently she comes over and says,

Sorry sir, no Indian veg food is available, would you like European veg instead?

My stupid arse brain made me believe the trade was decent enough and I agreed almost immediately, and then came the super food. Trust me, what i’m going to describe in the next few lines may be massively underplayed.

Leaves, from all kinds of trees frozen at -2 degrees placed on a plate like it was the epicenter of an earthquake and loads of slimy stuff they call olive oil or whatever that is supposed to hold the “DISH” together. To top this, a beautifully uncooked vegetable mash that looks like the stuff your digestive system generates on its holiday. To top this all a sweet dish, it tasted like raw pumpkin!

Well, obviously I could hardly eat the stuff I was offered, I chose to tell the lady she can have her European Veg! She felt sad for me I guess and asked me if I would like a drink, I said “Non-Alcoholic please”, god knows how she did not get the non part of that sentence. She gave me Red Wine, i assumed it was not alcoholic since I specifically asked for a non alcoholic drink. Turns out nothing was going to go in my favor that evening! I put on the TV above my seat and thought i’d watch “Megamind”, well I managed most of the movie before something happened. Before that, lets get back to the Red Wine, so I take a small sip and it tasted really bad, worse than the stupid sweet they made! Like my usual practice of throwing stuff in the bin or out through the window when travelling by train or bus [remember first flight!] I searched for an opening, not found! So I thought what the hay, let me just finish this down. I gulped down the whole drink and continued watching the movie. Everything sounds good, doesn’t it? Well here is where I looked up to see the distance we have traveled on the big screen and boy oh boy, was the screen spinning around! Took me a minute or two to realize the Red wine had overtaken my senses, well what could I do after that! Prayed to god that I shouldn’t make a mess on the flight and I went to sleep only to be woken up by the thud made while landing at Bangalore! I felt pretty good and was confident the high was gone.

Was I glad to be back! Finally I could spend 15 bucks and not feel bad about it, you know euro 15 bucks is equivalent to a huge hole in my Indian pants! Well this ends my posts about the first flight journeys! My first experience and something I will remember for a long long time. Not to forget I should thank Karthik, for if not him I wouldn’t be writing this blog post cause I wouldn’t have had my first flight yet!



One thought on “First Flight: Part 3

  1. Haha! Finally you did write the third one as well…Nice, I guess at Microsoft you at least have 4-6 more flights, so more experiences now 😀 😀

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