The power!

In the year 2006, I traveled for the very first time after getting a mobile phone, my Dad offered me my first recharge of more than 25.  I took it with no second thoughts, once I entered Tamil Nadu I got a call from a school friend, to know that I can be in touch with anyone on the move made me feel powerful, unsuspecting I picked up the call and spoke for 43 seconds, once I cut the call I checked my balance to realize I had been charged 28 bucks for the call! Reason being roaming was chargeable at 25 bucks a day *gonecase*, well nothing I could and nothing I wanted to, i was still excited about my first phone. Time has flown beneath our wings and we are now in an age where mobile connections and data plans are our birthright! We can still live without them but we prefer to assume that phones are more important than oxygen. Fair enough, i belong to that category too.

Recently I had been to Amritapuri, I put in a data plan for the trip that ensured 3 days of unlimited internet. Given the availability of the data plan i left home with a balance of Rs 1.43 on my phone. I knew with my phone connected to the internet I could do everything my phone does for free even on roaming. Going back a few years, GPRS the super awesome slowest internet ever costed a bomb and yeah no roaming with it. Phones that did not support most of modern web technologies and mostly it was the text display that tried showing images and stuff. The way the world has progressed and almost reduced the cost of technology to nothing is simply mind blowing, but wait if we are saving up money there then where does it go? Oh hell, i forgot we have awesome politicians, my bad!

The power that i hold in my hand is something that I rely upon and trust more than my sense of judgement, is it a bad thing to do? Well I can make mistakes but my phone wont. I navigate unknown places with maps, i find out new places with the plethora of apps that I have on my phone. Well all this still doesn’t impress the older generation, is it a sincere case of radiation is harmful or more of a what i don’t use is harmful and useless? It cannot be generalized, they are right at a few times and wrong otherwise. Well who wouldn’t love to be equipped with the latest technology! I definitely would do anything other than give my life for that.

Anyhoo for those who felt the above jibber jabber made no sense,I dint intend to, its the power of =my new Galaxy Note speaking! Haha, well I got the phone as a gift for my first job and boy am I in love with it! The WordPress app is brilliant so I thought lets make a post from it 😀 Soon I shall make a review of the best smartphone on the planet.

PS: Nokia 1100 == iPhone 4


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