A Mac new world!

A anti apple person, primarily because I dint have one I must admit. I got a MacBook pro on 13th the Friday, April, 2012. Well my initial opinion was, shit should I have bought a killer gaming rig instead? Then I realized i’m beyond the gaming age, at least on PC, ok yeah I have a PS3 too ūüėõ So all the gaming happens there. I was looking to buy a new laptop for quite sometime, as my brother needed a machine at home as he moves into 11th standard later this month and my laptop was pretty tough to carry around and had a really really bad battery backup [Yes, I know I just had to change the battery! But seriously would you give up an opportunity to get a new computer/laptop ? *evil grin* No right !]. I got this killer deal on this, i7 beauty, 13.3 inches of pure amazing display and a bat shit awesome trackpad! Innovation at its best!

So I got my new buy home, smiling all along the way, not too sure if I had done myself any good yet. Unboxed and like all other buys of mine took pics of it at every stage. After around 4 minutes of unpacking I finally had the mac out and running. Filled in about a 100 forms on my first startup and finally got to see the beautiful workspace, the stunning wallpaper with the beautiful dock. Eyes lit up and I opened Safari and which site would I open first? Yeah I am a jobless fellow, Facebook. Wanted to scroll down to see updates, but dude where is the scroll marker on the trackpad o_O ? Did apple imagine that we did not have scrollable web pages, or was I being a noob? Yep, noob it was. After a minute of figuring out the trackpad scrolling was my most favorite thing to do on my mac! It is just wow!

What I really did not like was when I tried to update from the store, it asked me for an account and the account creation form demanded I supply my credit card number to it. Why? A bit of Google search and I found a method to create an account without a card, well why do we need to do such stupid things? Apple you have gotten most of the things perfect, why do such a thing? Like i use the default browser in other operating systems to download chrome, I did the same here, not that Safari is bad or anything just that I am too used to chrome and its speed right now. The update was 2.45 GB, yes! 2.45 GB, but well it was all handled in the background and I could use my system normally without having to bother much with it. The experience so far has been pretty awesome. Productivity gets the boost it needs from a Mac, its the power of freedom at its beautiful best!

Whenever I switched OS I always struggled for a few days to get used to the new one, but the move to my mac was unbelievably easy. I must warn though, the move from a Mac to anything else might be the hardest thing ever. Not an Apple fan boy yet, but with the things I am discovering every time I use it, I might just turn into one!


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