Adventures beyond limits

Barcelona, yes again! Do I love that place or what? Well I said i loved it but now i’ll just go with its a nice city to visit when you have loads of cash and have a huge stash of vegetarian food in your super cool blue colored amazingly huge backpack. People might argue that you do get vegetarian food there, well eating cheese three times a day ain’t meals. I managed well on Snickers and whenever my friend Karthik[Thankfully vegetarian] was with me i went out and ate, not like the other friends who accompanied did not care but i just decided to diet when they went to eat.  They in fact offered to go with me every time for lunch to a place where I could eat after they ate, but it’s  not that nice when you eat and they just sit around. Well whatever, when I did find vegetarian food I hogged like crazy!

Right from the moment we landed in Barcelona, we loved the weather, although I stopped loving it 2 days into the adventure, more on that later. Mild weather at noon and the clear skies were just amazing. We walked around quite a bit searching for Karthik at the airport and then decided to leave to the hostel. The cab drivers there don’t take more than 3 bags as luggage and almost hate taking more than 3 people on a ride. We finally convinced one guy, and BTW we need to communicate using crazy hand actions, Espana no Anglais 😐 Took the cab and once we started moving the reality was setting in, we were actually at Barcelona. Something that we worked/scammed really hard for from November, 2011 to February, 2012.

 Scam was the mostly widely used word by the 5 member gang [Karthik was to join us, and yeah he was the friend we were searching for at the airport] at Spain.

While travelling to the hostel, it got pretty hot inside the cab, so we thought we’d open the window, well we almost had our heads blown out! The car was moving at 120 Miles per hour! With the windows up it felt like we were stationary, that was pretty funny our reactions then. Reached the hostel to be told that we would get the rooms only at 4 that evening, and the guy at the hostel offered us the common room and said we can store our luggage in the cloak room. Little did he know we would use the common room like our room ! The bags opened up and our things all over the room 😀  He was like what is this, but only in his mind. We got fresh and all that and left to get scammed, there was an event and this event shady enough was not listed on the official event list of the Mobile World Congress! All us were hungry we searched for this place for more than 90 minutes before giving up and going back to the hostel to start with our application touch ups. We had a dinner planned out that night so that all the teams could meet up and make new friends. This was pretty neat, a great experience. I got Veg food here, yes i remember every time I got veg food that was not bread 😀 I had a nice specially made pasta for me, while the others who ordered for their non vegetarian food complained their meat was rare and not well done [Yes, Masterchef gyann 😀 ]. I enjoyed my meal, we then went partying all night! It was really nice, and walking down the chilly streets was nice[ The weather complaint comes in later].

All tired we hit the bed later and were all suited up for the competition next morning, for the second time in my life I was wearing a suit and not perspiring like a water hose gone crazy! The competition went really well [ another post to go about details pertaining to the competition ]. Well this post is too long already I think! Two more parts, with the crazy wild things that transpired coming up pretty soon 😉


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