Mailing List and other corporate face palms

I have around 8 months of experience working now as an intern in 3 companies put together and the comical things that happen at work are worth putting down as a post! I would like to confess I’ve done most of the stupid things i’m going to mention in this post! Lets start with a fairly simple one

EOM means end of message, and not hey i’m so smart i used EOM in my message field of the mail! I can now type a story in the body and people will read thinking i’m smart for using EOM! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Happened so many times! I figured out what this meant when I was interning last summer, well thankfully I hadn’t used it without knowing what it meant! So yeah this is what happened recently,

I open my office mail and see an awesome mail saying,

Working From Home today EOM from some random person I dont know, you know why I am saying IDK

So I was like, awesome 😀 I can chill all day. Yes I did not open the mail, as it read EOM!

What was I supposed to know? That he did not know what EOM meant? Well there was a mail body stating some pretty important stuff. I missed it! Yay me! Well thankfully I was not a very important part of that something important that had to be done so yeah close shave!

I’ve made it a point to open mails regardless of whether it contains EOM in the subject or not! Trust me you guys should do it too, not many people know what exactly that means! Sometime I feel I should just write them an email back like this


Subject : You are the smartest person i’ve known <EOM>

Message body: Dude seriously? You opened this mail even after seeing EOM in the subject? Let me give you some gyan, visit this awesome blog post to understand what EOM means


Aaditya Sriram [Yes i know what EOM means]

But well you know I can’t do that, I dont know what I could call upon myself for doing such things 😛 If any of you want to try this, please go ahead you can pass on a link to this post 😉

Lets move on to SOS, din’t understand what SOS was doing here ? Well the same things happen to me, everyday a new abbreviation! OOF was new, but common, then came OOO, alright got used to it, WFH everyone knows at least after reading the first part of this post you would know 😛 Oh wait, I forgot to tell you what SOS was, Some Other Stuff 😀 Any who I wont be surprised if the below conversation takes place sometime soon,

Yesterday I was like OOO when you got everyone SAD chocolates and the whole team PUKED for an hour after that!

OOO -> Out of Office

SAD -> Super Amazingly Delicious

PUKED -> Praised Ur Kindness Elegance and Deference

There was this one Abbr. recently, OOTO, I was almost compelled to refrain from replying back saying its OOTA not OOTO 😛 OOTA as in food btw. This post is getting long and I am unable to write most of the stuff I really want to for 2 reasons, one people who I work with might read this and secondly MFM [My family members] also might trip on this. So yep censorship at its peak!

Ever heard of mailing lists, hell yeah you have! Well companies have internal mailing lists for super crazy and awesome reasons and every branch of a company always has a mailing list for all the employees in that campus! So yeah, this experience is common across any company!

Company HR send this mail to everyone via the mailing list:

Please collect your monthly <something valuable> from the counter on <some awesome floor> today!

A disgruntled employee writes to the common mail saying,

Have not received my <something valuable> for this month and my name is not on the list of employees!! Yes he clicks on reply to all, not reply to sender. *Uber facepalm*

HR: <*super uber facepalm* > also replies to all, stating reasons for the same!

This conversation goes on for quite sometime and we get a nice mail with the whole chat history!

This was real and yeah not too funny, let us imagine the below scenario and probably at the end of it you will realize why reply to all is not such a smart idea on a company wide mailing list!

<Random troll> : Hey ever heard of awesome dudes sending mails with EOM in the subject and then adding text to the body of the mail ?

<Innocent you> : Oh hell yeah, my <some important higher authority> does that all the time man!!! He is such a noob <reply-all>

Innocent you receives mail from <some important higher authority> oh thanks mate, so this is how you take care of my reputation behind my back <reply-all>

<Innocent you> : Saaaaar, no saaaaar, what saaaaar i dont know anything saaaaar sad village halli boy me saaaaar please saaaaar forgive saaaaar, i will give you sambar instead of saaaar or anna saaaaar 😛 <reply-all>

<Company head> : sad fools, you do not simply hit reply all to company wide mails! <reply-all>

I’ve fainted already <reply-all>


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