Shamelessly Simple!

Bangalore! Have had all my haircuts in that city since 1995! Even if I went out of town I always had my haircut once I got back home. Even after moving to Hyderabad, i’ve always had a haircut when I went back to Bangalore over a weekend. It used to be a simple activity, I go and he mows down my hair and I pay him 50 bucks and go back home. He doesn’t comment on my hair or my style sense nor do I comment on his style of cutting hair. Since 2000 I went to the same barber and he knows how to cut my hair, duh 12 years now. Like all good things, that tradition too had to end one fine day.

The 3 flatmates of mine are all used to going to dhinchak salons for getting a haircut, not me. I really needed a haircut and I was ready to wait for 10 days and get a haircut in Bangalore. One of my flatmates Rohan was like lets go for a haircut and I was like umm ok, but only if it is halli no shiny place for me. Then he made me feel bad for it by saying that by having a haircut at a posh place i’d only be spending 0.3% of my salary and I shouldn’t stop pampering myself. Well I agreed and we left.

We reached the place, it looked like a 5 star hotel lobby, we were asked to wait for 10 mins and then informed there is one senior hairdresser and one junior, after being reluctant initially I agreed to go to the senior guy and rohan went to the normal whatever. Hair wash, ok, that I have to say was good, and the only thing that was helpful for my hair. The senior hairdress, looked like a guy who had just climbed down a tree, hair all messed up and flying in all direction and I’m sure i saw a nest or two in his hairy mess. He takes a funny look at my head and then says this to me,

al fdshfdhs sadjadin fsdnksfhdiq nfkfhsdfh qwhkfehkwef

I was like, sorry what? He replied,

hasdufhkh sdfhkafhkh sfhkdfhdfh dafkadsjfkdjf fkhjfafj

I was like dude me also halli, you also halli why this retard accent macha? He then spoke in true hyderabadi style, your scalp is dry raaa, and then he went on to say my scalp was oily. Yeah god knows what was going through his head! Whatever raa, please just cut it, I said! He took a blower and blew the ghosts off my head! My hair was something like this


He then this conversation took place

RetardStylist : How do you like this hair style?

Me : Sorry? Style? What?

RS : This looks cool!

Me : I have a job!  I go to office not free food festivals!

RS: No man, sfbsdjfhsjfgh cool!

Me: Bitch Please, take a scissor and cut now

He then tries to pick one strand at a time and cut and after pretending for about half an hour he said ok done, I just ran out and paid whatever I had to and was glad I was done with the mad hairstylist!

The experience taught me one thing, simple things should be done in simple ways! I eat Pizza with hand, that is much better than flinging a tomato at someone !! Well I came back to Bangalore and got another haircut and the world is at peace now 😀 \\// [Spoc hand]


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