IT Drudgery

Its been around 20 months since I put myself on sale in the Indian IT Market, thankfully enough I have found myself an employer over time. Mechanical, boring, routine are the 3 best and probably the only words that can describe my life right now and I trust more than 80% of the industry would agree theirs is the same! Get up in the morning, take a bath maybe rush to work, open Facebook, Gmail, Quora, Twitter and a bunch of other non work related websites! Then the dreadful team meeting comes up and remember you have no update to give from last week and you sit up and code random stuff and send it for code review and then during the meeting you go

Its done, i’ve sent it for code review

only to get back a 100 odd comments, well what else did you expect when you coded up a full feature in a few hours! At the end all we had to accomplish was, meeting gone by well 😉

Meetings are like the biggest pains in the lower back region of your body! You just find that perfect tune that lets you forget you are in office before your Office Communicator goes

Ting Ting, you have a damn meeting to discuss something unnecessary!

I always prefer sitting on the floor in meeting rooms, it gives you enough space to do some nice reading online while looking all engrossed in work that is critically important to the company. Funny story, once I was doing this and my manager had asked me to take notes from the meeting, and I was reading tech crunch! Half way through my manager says something, I did not bother, he calls my name and says

Blah blah needs to reply to this blah email

I nodded my head like an idiot and then he is like,

Write it down maybe?

That is when it struck me that I was the notes boy for the day and well managed to cover it well! The guy sitting next to me knew what happened and let out a low laugh. Meeting over and I had to send a mail with the particulars, thankfully I remembered a few random things here and there and sent out a mail. I had missed out 3 items though, my manager was kind enough to fill me on and resend the mail! Thankfully none of the organizations i’ve worked at have any dress code, thank god for that else i’d be unemployed right now! How does one wear formals to work? Unless its a suit, then i would wear it, but a well pressed shirt with a formal pant all tucked in, really? Wearing crumpled tee and shorts to work has got to be the best attire! Funnily and thankfully my manager at my previous company also came in shorts. Matching matching only!

Like computers continously requiring power, i was always hungry at work! Had so much junk food all the time, and that ladies and gentlemen is the proud sponsor of my Kungfu Panda tummy minus all the strength! Pizza has got to be the most ordered poison at work and the dominos outlets in India lose half their time delievering free pizzas because we think time is the most important commodity when it comes to free pizza and the least important factor when it comes to delivering projects. 6:00 AM and 2:00 PM are 5 minutes apart in our arcane time calculations!

Gym, ring a bell? Or just reminds you of a huge bill you paid for umm, sorry what? Yeah, gym I believe! Regularly i’d go they said, i’ll forget the name of the gym they never said! Its just so hard to hit the gym after 12+ hours of office work in front of the system and then going home to spend anytime left of the day on DoTA! Where do we fit the going part of the gym to our schedule? I must admit once I worked at this place that had a gym at campus, actually 3 gyms, not that it matters, I did go to the gym regulalry for 3 weeks and then I used that place only for my showers when I did feel the need for it (yeah, living away from home, the only bathrooms I found clean were the office ones early in the morning). The only sports and outdoor activity I get now is the one that is shown on TV as I eat my fatty meals.

The one good thing I do have to mention about the IT institution is the last week of the month! First 4 days spent in continuously checking the bank account to see some magical numbers and finally the D-Day when the salary comes! That one night goes in planning how awesome the coming month is going to be and making plans on how to spend the money at movies, bowling, pubbing only to realise in 2 days that its back to reality and something called Monday exists and then its a race againt time for 4 mondays to rush past to get the next salary. Life becomes an elliptical trainer, its almost the same always but the salary week feels a bit different and its the same different every month, does that even make sense?

I wish to pull down the “For Hire” symbol above my head down before I hit mid life crisis or 30 which ever is earlier, bleh who am I kidding! Monthly salary is an addiction one can never let go off! If one does manage to do that, he wont have the internet he is using right now to read this post! How long is this going to go on for? Now that the rant is over, I shall get back to work! Everyday is a new day that helps me forget the previous day! Oh wait a minute, one more day before weekend! Awesome, this weekend is going to be legendary, I’m going to party and paint  the town red, at least my head thinks that is the plan! Although I am positive I am going to be in bed the whole weekend watching some nonsense movie and maybe a game or two on the PS3.

To make things a little more different I am writing this blog, actually I had forgotten I had a blog until 1100 INR was charged against my credit card by wordpress and I was like sorry what? It was the auto renew poilicy in effect and what threw me off was that the charge has been $18 for the last 3 years with no change but I have moved on to pay more every year! Started at 790 to 900 and currently at 1100! Its the last week before salary, I’m sure you understand the worried looks I have!


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