IT Professional gets the pink slip for slipping some pink stuff from work!

The soaring Onion prices have claimed yet another victim, this time news coming in from Bangalore that Mr Vengayam Madaya a Senior Programmer at one of the most reputed IT firms in Bangalore has been sacked. The reason being that he had been consistently getting a box everyday to take onions made available at the lunch buffet that is offered by the company as a complimentary meal everyday.
   The food caterer found that everyday 300-400 gm of onion was missing after the first round of lunch being served. This had been going on for the last 32 days and the caterer could not bear the loss of 16 kilos of onion! He complained to the company management and company then reviewed tapes and found the suspect taking loads of cut onion and putting it in the box and running away. To put matters to an end, they planned to catch the onion victim in action, they succeeded and caught him pink handed, sorry red handed.
  Mr Vengayam pleaded and promised to grow onion bulbs at home and return all the onions as soon as possible, the company security officials turned a deaf ear to the requests and terminated his employment. Mr Vengaya was seen in tears, it is not clear if he was crying or it was the onion that he had managed to grab and put in his pocket before being confronted earlier today.
   Mr Vengayam is from a family of 4, his wife and 2 sons who are working in hotels as managers. The hotels have now put a watch on the sons to prevent them from following their father’s footsteps. His Wife Mrs Vengayam is inconsolable again it is not clear if the onions were to blame for the tears rushing down her fluffy cheeks. She says they will now make onion pakodas and sell it on the streets to IT professionals so that the onion when being friend feels the pain they feel right now.

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