Cooking Tales: Iyer in the USA (Slaw Edition)

This blog is going to have my cooking adventures in this new country that I have moved to, USA, I guess most of you have heard of it. As a guy who doesn’t consume meat or egg I thought it would be really difficult to survive here, especially after a couple of trips to Europe where I sustained on a snicker a day, or maybe 4 snickers a day! Soon after arriving here, I realised everything I need to live an honest Iyer life exists here! All I had to do now was stop converting $$ to INR and get all messed up about how expensive everything is. This is quite a difficult phase, but a week or two and you will soon be speaking only in terms of $, miles and gallons, throw the metric system out the window. After 4 of us ran through 9 pounds of rice in as many days, I decided enough of rice. Lets just go to my first recipe!

Please note, I am not a chef so the things I mention here are for two reasons, I love writing and I want a place to keep these recipes alive. You may, mostly will not like what I mention here.

The Slaw! Well people call it Coleslaw, I am just going for another name people use. Ok, things you need

1/4th of a Cabbage (Use the white one, the red one is meh)

2 Carrots

1/2 an Onion

1/2 a Tomato

1/2 a Lime

1 tbsp Gingelly Oil

Salt and Sugar

That is all you need, it is a very simple process, just keep a big bowl with you and all the ingredients handy so you can quickly make this and move on with your life. If you have a food processor things get very easy!

  1. Fine chop the cabbage (use a food processor for quick chops)
  2. Grate the carrots after peeling the outer cover
  3. Cut the onions into medium size pieces
  4. Cut the tomatoes into slightly large portions
  5. Mix all of them in a big bowl and add some sugar and salt
  6. Squeeze out a lime and add a tbsp of Gingelly oil and mix well
  7. If you have Mayo add it on top as garnishing

Eat your way through this juicy salad! The oil gives a nice taste along with the raw vegetables. Its a nice change to have this instead of rice and rice and rice for breakfast lunch and dinner. The salad doesn’t look too good, but it tasted really good 🙂