College: Junior to Senior

Junior to Senior in 3 years, hmm is the change drastic? Hell yeah it is! At least for me I’ve barely noticed time move but the changes around me remind me of the way a belly dancer changes the position of her belly in like within a second or two during a performance! OK that was just a small try at making a funny statement. I have learnt a lot of things ever since i moved from school to college and frankly I am surprised at the number of things I’ve had misconceptions about. Starting from the way a college is to the way people in a college are! Anyway for every junior who is going to join my college or any other I have 4 things for them to watch out for:

1. Do not believe seniors when they say ” OH GPA ? who cares, its useless. Trust me you need that to prove to the world you are good, personally GPA is just another floating point number that deserves to be in the trash can but sigh Indian Education System.

2. Do not get into bad terms with the security guard of the college, especially if it is a strict college, there will be a day when you are 2 seconds late and the guard will ask you to get lost. You don’t have to hug him everyday! lol. Just avoid arguments for the greater good of life.

3. Don’t hope for anything from the institution, every college claims to have its own edge over every other college and we as students are never going to appreciate them for anything they say, like ever! We just want the world to be perfect, who you kidding!

4. OK I know i’m a culprit now, never completely believe what your seniors say about the college, be it good or bad they always tend to exaggerate. I’ve done it, haha.

Anyway always keep in mind these golden rules, small things learnt now will go a long way in your hard 4 years of college! One thing that i learnt in college is, the friends you make on the first day of college may not be the ones you end up with 2 or 3 semesters down the line but at the end of 4 years you will more often than not be best buds with the first friend if yours that you met at college. You make friends you lose friends, you make enemies you lose enemies but over time college actually matures you so much that you see everyone as the same. You don’t want to hold a grudge or leave a pending favor when you part ways, you never know if you are ever going to meet people from your college ever again.

College is one of those places where you will complain about everything, but this will stop the day you realize it’s your last year there. Memories associated with the place tend to bind your heart to believing that you are going to miss this place that helped you waste your time for the last 3 years. Imagine sitting around gaining no knowledge elsewhere? Wouldn’t it be boring? Plus your parents wouldn’t approve of that, they like paying loads of cash so that you waste your time properly with a thousand other similar thinking teenagers in a huge building that has some lame color all over it.

All said and done, college is a place of socializing , agreed there are better ways, but come on lets not bitch about this place at least for a bit! You meet new people, you develop new ideas, you get marks once in a while just to break the rut of scoring a 0 in your exams, you make connections with people, sometime life changing. Your perspective of the world changes, college prepares you to face the evil world that lies outside the barbed wire protected boundaries of the college!

I am in my final year of college and every time I see pictures of my former years I cant stop smiling and think of the beautiful times that i went through. I will definitely miss it. College you have been good to me 🙂



11 thoughts on “College: Junior to Senior

  1. Oh, I so so relate to this…Right now, Ive been looking at my 2nd yr pics and wondering, damn this was so long ago. Talking to my juniors makes me realize that the BE I’ve always known will come has arrived.. My blog will definitely see a post about that..I’ve had a way too good a time at college. and Of course, you change hell lots in 3 yrs..really nice post da 🙂

  2. Hey senior 🙂
    Firstly, this is an AMAZING post! 🙂 Now, this really makes me look forward for my next 4 years 🙂
    AND I love the 4th “golden rule” 😛 haha!
    Happy blogging 😀

  3. “they like paying loads of cash so that you waste your time properly with a thousand other similar thinking teenagers in a huge building that has some lame color all over it” Haha…Killed me 😀 !!!

    Nice one Aadi! Welcome aboard ,blogger 🙂

  4. loved the blog Aadi.. :):) Def going to miss college life.. especially friends and the times spent with all.. 🙂 Few more days of coll .. need to rock it!!!! wat say!!!!!!

    keep blogging.. :):):)

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