Who is paying macha ?

We hang out with friends, colleagues, family endless number of times a month(assuming you are not in the IT sector and sucked up in the black hole of workaholism), well we have fun and fun in the present day world at least in cities like Bangalore costs a truckload of money! Unless you sit under a tree inside your house compound or play poker indoors(you might en up losing money, if you do play with real money) you are gonna spend. The way things have changed made me a Zynga poker addict and well guess what, i lost all cash there and Zynga tells me

Pay only $9.99 for a truckload of virtual chips, well the truck is virtual too

This is when i realised the only thing I can do now is write a post based on my observations on the topic “Who is paying macha?”. The answer to this question affects the way a person is during the outing! Are you going to deny that ? To be honest and like every other post I confess I used to be affected by this before I started earning too. Students and other non working people are not to relate to the things I mention in this post 😛 Well then i’ll have to relate myself and well I can’t write this 😉

My cab ride to work startles me every day without fail, there is always at least one character either in the morning drop to work or the return journey in the evenings, i’ve gotten so addicted to being startled that I change my cab timings everyday just for this! There are quite a few situations that i’d like to mention, starting with the classic,

Oh my, its so far, I cant walk 10m, cab driver please drop me

There are many situations where the person who needs to be dropped lives on a one way road, and their house is less than 50 m from the place where the one way starts. The person thinks he is uber “So-fuss-ticated” that he/she needs to be dropped right outside the gate. They ask the poor cab driver to drop them there and then take the road till its end before getting on a route to drop off the others. There was this one person who wanted something like this, what was worse than the normal idiots was this,

The road was a deadend, house 55-60m into the road, road length 200m, U-turn possibility only at the deadend as there is a small empty plot to turn around!

Really, would you do this if you were in an auto and the driver demanded 5 bucks more to drop you inside stating “U-turn thagiyakke aagalla maa” (Sorry mam, cant take U turn). There was another incident recently, it was just after a rainy afternoon, I took the cab at around 3:30 pm and it was pretty chilly outside, I sat behind as someone was on the front seat already. The cab started out and this joker in the front asks for the AC to be switched on, the driver has to listen to the passenger and he put the AC on speed 1. Will this person in front be happy? Nah, he blasts it to the highest speed and tops the scene by leaving the window next to him open! Seriously? Dude, what is that? Then he pretends to sleep when we tried asking him where he lost his brains. Pretty sure he is one of those,

OMG the weather is pleasant, no AC when driving his own car people

Apart from office money hoggers we have the

I hog like a pig when I’m not paying

There are many people who recommend all amazingly huge places for treats and when it is their chance to pay, its the corner Pani Puri shop. There are things people can do, either dont eat like a starved retard when others or treating or maintain the standard of treats for the love of god. Have you heard of the people who say they never go to theaters but are watching a movie every time someone is paying 😛

We are in a world where more than questions like,

What are we doing today?

Which restaurant are we hitting raaa ?

Which movie is running now ?

we ask just one question

Who is paying macha ?

I’ll add more to this with time 😀


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